Tax on gasoil Reimbursement (Excise Duty)

Save 1,00 € per 1000 Liters of your expenses on Gasoil in Spain.

If you pay the gas oil in Spain with a, for this purposes, registered service-card you may get a refund of 1,00 € per 1000 Liters (+48,00 € / 1000 Liters in Valencia and +24,00 € / 1000 Liters in Castilla y León) from the excise-duties. There are also chances that this amount may be increased in the next future.

According to Spanish Law you need a Tax Representative in Spain. We have been acting as Tax Representative for many thousand haulers since 1986 claiming their VAT throughout Europe and we would be very please to represent you also when claiming this tax back. Bus companies are also eligible for this Tax-Reimbursement that is paid to the claimants quarterly.

The requirements for the refund are:

  • The card holder has to be established in any one of the EU Countries. Non Spanish carriers must:
    - Appoint a Tax Representative in Spain
    - Obtain a Spanish ID Tax number - Europa Tax will do it for you.
  • The eligible vehicles are:
- Trucks with a maximum permissible gross laden weight of 7,5 tons or more.
- Buses authorized for more than 8 passengers.
- Taxis with a taximeter.
  • The vehicles may be owned, rented or leased by the card owner.
  • The vehicles must be registered in a data base of the Spanish "Customs and Excise duties Department". Only the gas oil of the registered vehicles can be refunded. Therefore, any data change has to be updated. - Europa Tax will do it for you with the data you provide us with.
  • Each year, within the first 20 days of January, the card holder must report to the Tax Agency the kilometres of each registered vehicle during the previous year. This requirement will also be fulfilled by Europa Tax as your Tax Representative with the data you had previously provided.

For representing your Company we need:

  • A Notary Power of Attorney with the "Apostille of Den Haag" appointing Europa Tax, SL as your Tax Representative. We will give you a model of the Power of Attorney needed If we already have a Power of Attorney of your company, we would try to use it.

What will Europa Tax do on your behalf?:

  • Be your Tax Representative in Spain, as the Law requires
  • Get a Spanish ID Tax number for your Company
  • Register your Company and your eligible vehicles for the refund and keep them updated, according to your reports.
  • Submit the annual file of the Kilometres of each of registered vehicle, according to the data your Company should have transmitted.
  • Attend very frequent requirements from the Tax Administration.

For further information please contact us. We are looking forward to help you in English, German, French, Portuguese or Spanish.