Who we are?

Europa Tax, SL is a Spanish company established in Madrid and founded in 1986. We have been offering VAT recovery for European Enterprises, mostly haulers, since then. We have Spanish clients that recover abroad and foreigners that do it either in Spain or also in other European Countries. Service-cards are also among our clients since the very beginning.

As qualified Tax expert we have a cooperation Agreement with the Spanish State Agency for Tax Administration (www.aeat.es) that authorises us to submit and sign any kind of tax returns on behalf of our clients. We are members of the IVA, International VAT Association (www.iva-online.org).

Our company is part of a group of companies that include a Fiscal Advisory and Law Office and a Software Development company. Around ten employees, covering all mayor European Languages are dedicated to Tax recovery Europe wide. Our staff turnover is almost inexistent. Due to this reason all of them are very well experienced and reliable employees with a very good attitude towards the firm and its clients.

  • The Fiscal Advisory and Law Office is Bufete de Asesores de Empresa, SL. They provide tax and legal advice in different areas to many private and public companies. The company was founded in the 1982 and it is also established in Madrid.
  • Servicios Bagem, SL was also founded in 1986 and it shares premises with Europa Tax. This company is devoted to provide pre-financing VAT recovery services to mostly Spanish clients in other European countries.
  • Europa Tax Gestión, SL offers the same services than Europa Tax, but oriented to non European clients. Most of them are from Switzerland and not only haulers but also aircraft charters.
  • The Software Development Company is named CIF (www.cif.es) and is established in La Coruna and in Madrid. They have made great investments developing software. They started with CIF-Trans oriented to truck companies, and now the main product is CIF-KM, KM for Knowledge Management. This software is present in private and public companies of all sizes. One of the next steps will consist in creating versions of the software in other languages to open to other markets.

The Management:

  • Juan Viñas Peya:
    • Tax consultant, economist-auditor, former Spanish Government
    • Tax inspector, Former Director General of the Treasury (Spain)
    • Former Director General of the Social Security Treasury (Spain)
  • Karl H. Bödding Cañedo:
    • Diplombetriebswirt (FH), ESB Reutlingen
    • CC. EE. Internacionales, ICADE E-4, Madrid